Revolutionizing how you clean, season, and cook your food. No longer lose food that sticks to your cooking grate.

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Groiler™ is Patent Pending. All rights reserved.

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The Original Groiler™

The best tool designed to revolutionize barbecuing forever.

Groiler™ is Patent Pending. All rights reserved.

GROILER™?Learn why we created this BBQ tool...

The All-in-one Original Groiler™ replaces multiple cooking tools! Say Hello to The Original Groiler™ and Goodbye to too many tools.


  • The Original Groiler™


  • Wire brushes
  • Wooden paddle scrapers
  • Flammable can of non-stick spray
  • Grill stone
  • Steam and a brush
  • Bowl, tongs, paper towel and oil
  • Bottle Opener
The Original Groiler™ is a biodegradable and Made in the USA product. We proudly honor our 10 year warranty on all Groiler™ Stainless Steel tools.


Remove food that might be left from the last time you barbecued…

IF your grill is new, make sure to burn off any protective factory coating.  It’s simple to season your grill and grates the correct way.  Burn in “off’ for one hour and let cool or do it hot!

Before you oil/season your grill grates, it’s important to scrape off any burned food particles that might be left from the last time you barbecued.  The easiest way to do this with a Groiler™ edge.  A sharp edge to clean off your grates without turning the grill on.  Simply scrap the grates until all burned food is removed.  Sometimes it works better to do it hot.  Once you’re done, you’re ready to move on to oiling/seasoning the grates.


Oiling your grill grates prevents food from sticking to your grill.  Here’s how to do it:

When your grill is HOT

1. Grab your bottle of Groiler™ Oil, and your Original Groiler™.  

2. Place Groiler™ on grates and squeeze oil in the trough? Roll over cooking area to clean and season. Repeat 3-4 times, roll over Grill.

When your grill is COLD

1. You can also apply the same cooking oil when your grates are cold.  Cover the grates with the oil and remove the excess with a paper towel.

2. Light your grill and let it burn until the oil on the grates start smoking or burns off.  


You should always oil your grates before or after each use for best cooking results.


The inventor who found the missing link to the BBQ and cooking industry…

Meet Chris. “My love for cooking started while serving on a U.S. Navy submarine. After four years of cooking and baking on a nuclear powered fast attack submarine I decided to go to culinary art school. While attending culinary art school, I also worked at a upper scale Seattle Fish and Seafood Restaurant. I mastered many techniques in the kitchen to create food that tastes as good as it looks. One area that I worked on was striving to create the best and perfect way to grill food that doesn’t stick to the grill.”

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The Original Groiler™ is Veteran owned and operated. Our products are biodegradable and Made in the USA.

Groiler™ is Patent Pending. All rights reserved.